badly drawn vampire academy/bloodlines


you can request scenes to be badly depicted from the vampire academy novels, the bloodlines novels, or made up funny/random scenes that involve the characters.

Adrian Ivashkov
Abe Mazur
Angeline Dawes
Christian Ozera
Dimitri Belikov
Eddie Castille
Janine Hathaway
Jill Dragomir
Lissa Dragomir
Rose Hathaway
Sydney Sage
Trey Juarez
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the birth of mardrian 

based on [x] if that wasn’t obvious
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Anonymous sent: Do you have a personal blog?

why ever do you ask?

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Anonymous sent: OMG WHERE'D YOU GO Q_Q

WOW I AM SO SORRY TO EVERYONE. I’ll start working on requests asap I promise. I just got a little distracted with other things please forgive me I’m just a poor boy I need no sympathy 

Also yes to the people who asked I have read TIS and you can send in requests pertaining to it 

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The Most Popular Girls at St. Vladimir’s
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this modern love
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outrageous-oreotragus sent: What you have going on here is simply fantastic. I'm in the middle of re-reading (for the umteenth time) Spirit Bound and had to take a break due to Rose/Dimitri feels. This blog instantly cheered me up. Thank you.

no thank YOU

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Anonymous sent: Where are you my love?!! ;____; I need your beloved humor!!!

My dearest anon, 

Unfortunately I’ve had a very busy week, but I promise I’ll try to post some requests as soon as possible. #SORRYSOSLOPPY

Also, let me take this time to mention, I’ve gotten a few requests as of late that are definitely scenes from The Indigo Spell that were not in any teaser trailers. I haven’t read the book yet you cotton headed ninny muggins. Please don’t request any spoilers guys


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Adrian gets some “sage” advice
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